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We at 123 Easy Drive Rental Cars are a group of people who are dedicated to offering solutions to society. This is why we deal in renting out cars to the people across Australia and create ease for them.

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car is broken down

If your car is broken down, you do not own a car but need it for some time or need it for your guests staying over in town

we are the ideal business

we are the ideal business to reach out to. For whatever reason it is, our rental car service is available for you all.

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Best Rental Rates

We are well-reputed for offering the most wallet-friendly rental charges to our customers. That is why today, we have such a huge clientele base of loyal customers who avail from our services again and again. These charges even include all the measures we take to get our vehicles registered and in compliance with all needed legal procedures.

Range of Vehicles

We work to offer as much comfort to you as possible. Therefore, our rental firm offers a wide list of cars to rent to you. They all belong to known car manufacturers, in recent and older models both, to satisfy your requirements, budget, and lifestyle. We have a great range in our store from luxurious town cars to pull-ups and SUVs, just for you.

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Clients from 21 countries

To make sure you don't get lost or have trouble finding your way as you drive our cars, we also have GPS installed in all of our cars. This way, you get to stay on schedule without wasting any extra minute finding directions.

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Bali lists the top as a romantic getaway because of its beautiful attraction to the couples. They offer luxury hotels so you can treat your spouse with the best of services. You will get a magnificent view from staying at almost every hotel in Bali.


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The collection, use and return of the rental car

Upon collection: if you have not accepted the cancellation of the deductible (Read about “Rental car: the reservation and the contract” ) , carefully inspect the exterior of the rental car, to check for any damage to the bodywork and windows and, if necessary, have them reported on the contract; also check the existence of the spare wheel and the on-board tools, both to avoid disputes upon return and above all to avoid getting into trouble. Before leaving, if you have no experience with the specific model, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the main controls and signals on the instrument panel; check that the fuel gauge shows full and make sure you have the emergency number on hand. After this quick check, you are ready to hit the road.

During use:the rental car is insured against theft and also against collision damage, but if you park and walk around with the keys in the dashboard, or have the vehicle driven by an unregistered third party and hit a railing due to negligence or inexperience, the insurance company could claim against you. Therefore, use normal diligence if you use the vehicle for distances and appreciable time, checking the level of liquids and tire pressure. If you have an accident, which does not block the vehicle, fill in the amicable assessment form (the CID) carefully, to deliver it upon return; if the accident blocks the vehicle, call the emergency number for the recovery of the vehicle and its replacement to complete the rental period. If there are injuries or other injuries (yours or others),smartphone to photograph the scene, the damage and the road context.

Our tips on car rental

If you are planning a few relaxing days during your holidays and have decided to rent a car, before choosing who to contact, read our guide on how to choose a car and what to pay attention to in the contract. Our special on car rental can be a useful contribution to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The sector is very wide and varied and disentangling the various offers is not easy, for this reason we have decided to create, in this period of departures, a useful guide, divided into three dedicated parts: the first to the booking and the contractual relationship , the second to the phases of collection, use and return of the car and finally the third on how to avoid unpleasant surprises when returning.

In general, we can say that, when booking a car rental, it is good to compare the rates on the Internet and choose a car that meets your needs, remembering that smaller and smaller cars cost and consume less. If you need child seats, chains, navigators or other options, consider bringing them from home because renting them by car involves a considerable increase in the price; the car is covered by RCA and Kasko insurance , but you are responsible for any damages that exceed the excess of the Kasko policy; when booking you will be asked if you accept asupplement to the daily rate to cancel the deductible , which we recommend that you accept, to avoid difficult discussions on return. There may also be a daily fee for the driver’s insurance, in case of physical damage during the rental: carefully evaluate the coverage you already have and the cost that is proposed to you because it is usually quite advantageous.

Finally, another tip concerns the return : better organize yourself in time and return the vehicle during the opening hours of the rental point, checking the condition of the car with the attendant to avoid unpleasant surprises in the following days. Finally, remember to fill up with fuel: otherwise the penalty can be very high.

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