Exciting Whale Watching Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia, is one of the best places for whale watching. Humpback whales migrate to the warmer water here in the winter and offer an incredible adventure for everyone. Whale watching season begins in July and goes to November. At this time, the majestic humpback whales can be seen entering Hervey Bay, and then the fun really begins. Seeing these majestic creatures romping and jumping out of the water and big tails in the air is a breathtaking experience.


It is easy to reach Hervey Bay which is just north of Brisbane. Humpback whales prefer the calm, protected waters surrounding Fraser Island, where they teach their young. This means you can expect blowhole spurts to provide a spectacular out of aerial water display and flip slaps. Whales have also been known to swim near and alongside vessels and at times enjoy making huge splashes of water, drenching everyone near the very front with cool refreshing water. It is always a surprise and always fun, especially for the whales.


Humpback whales come to Hervey Bay every winter from July to November. At this time, there are many events offered that celebrate the whales’ return. Paddle Out for Whales is where many people participate in heading into the bay on surfboards, kayaks, and inflatables to welcome these enormous creatures. Other events include the Whale Parade and Concert, Hervey Bay Seafood Festival, and Blessing of the Fleet.


When it comes to finding a place to stay, there are many choices, and you can stay on the mainland, find resorts with many different accommodations, and even camping is available on Fraser Island.


Once you are settled and ready for whale watching, you have a choice of boats. You can find large cruisers that accommodate many people and have different viewing decks. There are also sailing catamarans that offer room for up to 24 people. If you prefer, you can find special packages offering different kinds of adventure like swimming with whales and close-up encounters with both humpbacks and dolphins. You can find out more information about package tours online and booking ahead is always a good idea.


Some facts about whales:


The scientific name of humpback whales is Megaptera novaeangliae.

As adults, humpback whales can weigh up to five times more than five adult elephants.

Male humpbacks will serenade female humpbacks with song. The whales learn and perfect their tunes all of their lives.

Humpbacks are very social creatures and will sometimes form temporary pods while migrating.

They are very intelligent, included among the top five smartest animals globally, and can self-recognize.

Humpback whales have an essential role in the food chain. Each whale can eat 2500 kg of krill and plankton each day.

Each season a female humpback give birth to a calf that can weigh up to 907 kg at birth.

The life span of the average humpback whale is around 50 years.

Humpback whales can move at a speed of 5-15 km per hour.

These whales don’t have any teeth; they use baleen plates to eat the plankton.


So get yourself out to Hervey Bay and enjoy watching humpback whales for one of the most unforgettable adventures you have ever participated in, and remember to photograph each incredible moment. If you are whale watching for the first time, once you get out on a vessel, you can always get advice and help from the crews about what you should watch for to know when a humpback whale is near.

Book with Spirit of Hervey Bay for a fun and memorable tour.


Why you should always hold parties in party venues on the Gold Coast

Whenever you have a party there is always a reason for you to celebrate. You have to ensure that your party goes alright and that you have a great time together with the people you love. When you have a party you need to think about the people you are hosting, the reason you are celebrating and whether you are going to have a great time at your party. The one thing that can make all your thoughts valid is having the best party venue on the Gold Coast.



Gone are the days when people used to host their parties at homes and now specific places where you get to Host your party despite its type. However, there are still people who do not know whether a party venue can be best for their parties rather than their homes. The latter host parties in their homes because they’ve never been to any event venues and don’t know the joy of hosting parties in party venues on the Gold Coast. Fortunately, there is always a first time for everything and therefore if you are planning to celebrate anything and you are throwing a party for your loved ones and friends when it may be why is it for you to think about throwing your party in a party venue.



Why host parties in party venues rather than at your homes?

If you have not yet decided on whether to host your party in a party venue or not, maybe the information in this section will be an eye-opener for you. It contains several reasons why holding parties at party venues is a great idea instead of posting them at homes. Please make sure that you make up your mind only after understanding the reasons discussed in this section.


  • You can invite as many people as you want

At times when you have a party and you make up a list of your guests, you discover that it will be impossible for you to host them all in your home since the available space is not enough. When it comes to party venues you select them depending on the amount of space you require and therefore you get to invite as many people as you want to your parties. This is among the main reasons why you should host your parties in party venues on the Gold Coast.


  • There are catering options available

Creating a menu and cooking for all the guests you invite to your party can be a tough task for you. You will require a large kitchen which may not be available in your home yet you are required to prepare and store the food supplies for your event. However, when you select the best party venues on the Gold Coast they’ll offer catering options for you ensuring that they serve your guests with delicious policing and safe foods.



  • No cleaning up after the party

Party venues on the Gold Coast clean up the venues as well as the utensils used by the guests after your party is over. This way you do not have to spend the following day doing general cleaning in your home after hosting a party.


  • There is ample parking

The parking available in most homes is only enough for two or three cars. Whenever you invite your friends over for your party you’re going to limit them since you do not have enough packing for their cars. However, party venues have ample parking and therefore all your guests can park their cars wherever they arrive at your party.


  • Party venues are safe

Holding a party in a party venue assures you that all your guests and their cars among other belongings will be safe. This is because the party venues provide security and safety to everyone at the party at the new premises. Therefore you get to invite everyone you wish to celebrate with including kids.


Holding events and gatherings in party venues in Gold Coast is always a great and enjoyable thing. However, you have to be keen whenever you are selecting your party venue to ensure that you identify the best venues among the many you’ll come across. Have a great guide to help you select the best party venues and you will enjoy your party and everyone will love partying in this the new you select.

How Lanyards Can Change Your Business in Australia

If you have ever attended conferences or concerts, you may have noticed how popular lanyards have become. These items may be made from fabric, but they are usually used in a variety of ways. They are not only necessary when the event is ongoing but also even after any event. Most people in Australia think that lanyards are just a waste and cannot be beneficial, but this is not correct. If you are in business and wondering whether you can benefit from having lanyards in your place of work, this is the article for you to read.


What features make lanyards great?

Whenever you are selecting anything for your business, you have to ensure that you check on the features you choose. This is the same case as the lanyards that you would like to use in your business. You need to find out about the features that make them great for your business. If you want to have the lanyards used in your business, the following are some of the features of lanyards that may interest you.


  • Versatility

One of the best features that you will find in the lanyards is their versatility. You can use them for displaying ID badges and also in other ways. For instance, you can use them to keep several items safe or even keeping your hands free for any tasks. You can also add some features to these lanyards so that you can make them more versatile.


  • Wide variety of materials

The other great feature that has made lanyards popular in Australia is that they can be made using various materials.  For this reason, you will always have the suitable material to use on your lanyards, depending on how you intend to use it.   For instance, if you want to use them during an outdoor event, you will get some waterproof materials to make your lanyards.

You shouldn’t be worrying about where to get custom lanyards in Australia. There are many manufacturers that customise lanyards for your specific purposes.


How can lanyards help you in business?

It is essential that you know how lanyards can benefit your business before you begin using them. Most people think that they are an excellent investment for their business, but they do not know how important they are. Knowing how important something is and how you will benefit from it makes you have the urge to invest in it. This is why you must learn how your business in Australia can help from lanyards.


  • Branding

As a business owner, branding is an essential part of your business. Most people typically have a difficult time when it comes to selecting an excellent branding tool for their business, but when you have lanyards, this challenge becomes simpler. This is because they are great tools that canbe customized to fit your business brand. You can give them away during events or give your employees to wear them to work during official hours. This provides free advertising for your business which most people invest thousands of dollars every day.


  • Improved Security

They increase security since you will be able to identify everyone when they are wearing their lanyards, and to hang identification badges from. When you have an event, you can have lanyards of different colours to differentiate every group of people. This ensures that only the allowed people are in a particular event or meeting.


  • Improved sales

They increase sales in your business. When you have people wearing lanyards, they learn about your business, especially when a logo is printed on these lanyards. For this reason, you create awareness about your business attracting buyers, which increases the sales that you make in your business.


3 countries which are ideal for a couples retreat

It is such a fast-paced life after marriage that you cannot take time out for a romantic getaway. You do not have to worry about where. We have got you covered in that area. All you need to do is take out your time so you can enjoy a peaceful day at a romantic destination. You will never get the time if you keep delaying it. If you are too busy, you can get melbourne romantic getaways to plan for you. There are many places that just speak of love when you think about them. They are spread out all over the world and we have found just the perfect three places that will make you want to pack your bags right now. Without further delay, here are your vacation destinations.


Bali lists the top as a romantic getaway because of its beautiful attraction to the couples. They offer luxury hotels so you can treat your spouse with the best of services. You will get a magnificent view from staying at almost every hotel in Bali.


They are usually located near the sea where you will have a tent setup for dinner and you can enjoy the sea coming up to the shore while you eat. Moreover, the sun will be setting down on the sea and the birds will be singing their songs as they migrate away. It is as romantic as it can get. You will have to find the hotels of your choice but looking at the pictures, your heart will set anywhere right away.


Italy is the country for a romantic couple. From Florence that is home to fragrances and love charms to Venice that is a popular tourist destination. There is something that you can enjoy in its air that offers the feeling of love. And that is just what you need on your romantic getaway.


You will be in for a treat where you will feel like you are in the 80’s but can dress up in your modern day style and eat cheese with bread. Most of all, Venice serves as a home to water canals and boat rides. You can enjoy the slow ride in a boat with your spouse as you look around for different sights in the city. If it wasn’t on your list, it should be on your vacation spot now.


Bermuda is located near the Atlantic Oceans in the form of islands. You can visit this natural beauty in the months from April to September. They have greenery and the blue sea is stretched out in the open. But the most attractive sight here are the pink beaches. The beautiful, bubbly pink color of sand just pops out against the blue.These bright and vibrant colors are just what you should have on your weekend getaway. Apart from that, you can enjoy staying at hotels with spa, restaurants, Wifi, buggy rides on beaches and delicious food available anywhere. It is the perfect time for your relaxation.

The collection, use and return of the rental car

Upon collection: if you have not accepted the cancellation of the deductible (Read about “Rental car: the reservation and the contract” ) , carefully inspect the exterior of the rental car, to check for any damage to the bodywork and windows and, if necessary, have them reported on the contract; also check the existence of the spare wheel and the on-board tools, both to avoid disputes upon return and above all to avoid getting into trouble. Before leaving, if you have no experience with the specific model, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the main controls and signals on the instrument panel; check that the fuel gauge shows full and make sure you have the emergency number on hand. After this quick check, you are ready to hit the road.

During use:the rental car is insured against theft and also against collision damage, but if you park and walk around with the keys in the dashboard, or have the vehicle driven by an unregistered third party and hit a railing due to negligence or inexperience, the insurance company could claim against you. Therefore, use normal diligence if you use the vehicle for distances and appreciable time, checking the level of liquids and tire pressure. If you have an accident, which does not block the vehicle, fill in the amicable assessment form (the CID) carefully, to deliver it upon return; if the accident blocks the vehicle, call the emergency number for the recovery of the vehicle and its replacement to complete the rental period. If there are injuries or other injuries (yours or others),smartphone to photograph the scene, the damage and the road context.

Our tips on car rental

If you are planning a few relaxing days during your holidays and have decided to rent a car, before choosing who to contact, read our guide on how to choose a car and what to pay attention to in the contract. Our special on car rental can be a useful contribution to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The sector is very wide and varied and disentangling the various offers is not easy, for this reason we have decided to create, in this period of departures, a useful guide, divided into three dedicated parts: the first to the booking and the contractual relationship , the second to the phases of collection, use and return of the car and finally the third on how to avoid unpleasant surprises when returning.

In general, we can say that, when booking a car rental, it is good to compare the rates on the Internet and choose a car that meets your needs, remembering that smaller and smaller cars cost and consume less. If you need child seats, chains, navigators or other options, consider bringing them from home because renting them by car involves a considerable increase in the price; the car is covered by RCA and Kasko insurance , but you are responsible for any damages that exceed the excess of the Kasko policy; when booking you will be asked if you accept asupplement to the daily rate to cancel the deductible , which we recommend that you accept, to avoid difficult discussions on return. There may also be a daily fee for the driver’s insurance, in case of physical damage during the rental: carefully evaluate the coverage you already have and the cost that is proposed to you because it is usually quite advantageous.

Finally, another tip concerns the return : better organize yourself in time and return the vehicle during the opening hours of the rental point, checking the condition of the car with the attendant to avoid unpleasant surprises in the following days. Finally, remember to fill up with fuel: otherwise the penalty can be very high.